Showing UI


Zapic provides all the user interfaces you need, allowing you to focus on building your game instead of building menus. Whenever you want to show a Zapic UI you simply need to call Zapic.ShowPage({pagename}), we take care of the rest.

When you add the “Z” button to your main menu, you will need to show the Zapic home page by calling Zapic.ShowDefaultPage(). This will take the player to a landing page with access to all of the different features within Zapic.

What Zapic Pages Can Be Shown?

  • Challenges - Opens up the player’s list of challenges.

  • Competitions - Opens up the competition for your game, allowing a player to join or view their rank if they have already joined.

  • CreateChallenge - Opens the wizard for a player to start creating a challenge.

  • Profile - Opens the player’s profile page, allowing them to update their display name or profile photo.

  • Stats - Opens the player’s stats page, showing all stats and ranks for the player in your game.

  • Login - If the player has not yet logged into Zapic, this will open up to a login/registration page, when the player completes the login process the Zapic UI will automatically close taking the player back to your game. This is a great way to encourage players to sign in before they can access a specific feature or game mode such as head to head multiplayer.

  • Current - This will open Zapic to the last page that the user was on before going back to your game.

  • Promotion - Check out the promotions for more details.