Setup SDK

Download and install the Zapic SDK for your game.

Unity - Build/export to iOS and Android

Native iOS - Any Objective-C or Swift game engine such as SpriteKit or Cocos2d.

Native Android - Any Java or Kotlin engine.

Add Zapic Button

As a developer, you are required to include a Zapic button prominently on your game’s main menu. This lets your players know that Zapic is enabled and gives players a way to access the features of Zapic.

This button may be skinned to match other menu items, but it should clearly show the Zapic “Z” logo in accordance with the brand guidelines.

Example Zapic Menu Button

Configure the Portal

The Zapic Portal allows your to create and manage you Zapic enabled apps. Once you have created your app, you will be able to configure the events and challenges for your game.